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    Default Got a new sub 660wi

    Hey guys, Thought I'd post some first impressions of the sub I got today.

    I allready had the dsw600 so now I have two subs. The volumes on the two subs match pretty well the older dsw set up at -2db because it's closer to the corner i'm asuming. I have them both between my fronts.

    The newer dsw 660wi has a brighter blue led light on the front then the 600 so they wont match up, Also I've noticed that the remote sensor on the newer 660wi blends into the front of the sub better so it doesn't stand out as much, on the 600 its a different shade of black and is easy to see from a distance.

    Wireless fuction review: I bought the polk wireless kit at the same time. I was going to have a sub in the front left corner(600) and a sub in the back right corner(660wi using the wireless). I have to admit that it was a failure, In wireless mode the sub was putting out feedback before it recieved audio signal (which was freaking my dog out). When I fired it up and turned on some tunes the sub would cut out frequently. I suppose the air in Iowa is not friendly to polk's wireless antennas. The antenna if your wondering was front and center nothing inbetween except air and the sub box because the wireless reciever plugs into the back of the 660wi (that could be a compliment of polk's sub box construcion!)

    Another trip to the audio store and back with a splitter and a wire ftw. I changed the oreintation of the subs because I didn't want to run a wire across the room. They are both in front as I have them now.

    I put in a NIN concert blueray and listened to some tracks. I am very pleased with the new sound. I'd have to agree that 2 subs is better than one. The bass feels more natural and is blending better with my rti a speakers. It's like one sub you feel.. I have a sub. 2 subs you feel... this sounds awesome.

    I was happy with my dsw 600 and I'm happy with the dsw 660wi. No regrets on either( I set them both to have the led lights off cause that was annoying me). Guess that would cancle the no regrets but w/e.

    The wireless seemed cheep and unfuctional to me and I don't plan on using it, but i will keep it to have as a bonus to a buyer if I ever decide to sell and upgrade my subs. (cough fathom)

    Thx for reading, thought I'd add to the information in the forum for people interested in this combination.

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    Did they change the amp on the 660wi over the 600? Seems like it got upgraded to a 500W amp. Notice any difference in performance between the two?

    I have 2 DSW Pro 600s since they were close to being discontinued and were relatively cheap.

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    I noticed the backplate on the 660wi doesn't get nearly as warm as the 600. I haven't tryed to max out the new sub by itself to compare the two so I can't speak to much on the power differences

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