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    Default Soundbar IHT 3000 - flashing red led right from power up


    Bought the 3000 about a month ago, using it fine except for the range on the supplied remote.

    Now the Led is flashing red right from power up and doesn't respond to the remote or manually pusing the buttons.

    For an instant the LED appears green before going to red for a sold half second or so, then nothing and repeat.

    I've read every manual I could get my hands on and I can't find an explanation. Back to futureshop?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I came here to post the same thing...My surroundbar blinks red and green alternatively,
    while source blinks blue.

    This started to happen after couple of days use.

    BTW supplier remote is a pure JUNK. :-)

    Any help from tech team is be greatly appreciated.

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    Return it and get the Surround Bar 6000....seriously. There is no fix for the problem you're talking about.

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    What's the return policy at futureshop these days?
    I think I bought it first week of March.
    Seriously, it doesn't indicate a fuse or something ?
    Has anyone been through this before?

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    It sounds to me that there is a major problem. I would at least return it and get another one.
    I agree with dorokusai, the 6000 is a major improvement.

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    Default Returned

    Well I returned the Polk Audio 30000 to Futureshop.
    Apparently there were a stack of "dead" boxes with the same / similar lot number.

    I picked up the new Samsung model ending in 450 to try it out instead.

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