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    Default Rti A3's or Tsi 300/400s? What to buy?

    Oh my, they all look good. Was going to get the Rti A3 pair then ran across the Tsi floorstanding models 300 or 400. Like the idea of floorstanding but not mandatory.

    Read some reviews on Amazon on better sound of the Tsi 400 over the Tsi 300. All reviews mentioned the need to add a subwoofer. Most said the 400 had a fuller better midrange.

    Can anyone help compare the Rti's to the Tsi's? I don't have a way to audition them (I live in modern day Hooterville). Will listen mostly to music from my MacBook Pro via integrated amp (yet to buy) in bedroom. Secondary sources are blu-ray & tv/cable.

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    Go with the Rti A3s better quality sound, and easier to ship to modern day hooterville, than the Tsi 400s
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