My youngest daughter has just recently graduated from college with a degree in advertising (with a minor in business admin.). The University of Tennessee School of Advertising and Public Relations is considered to be one of the top 5-10 schools in the country for her field. She has made up her mind that Denver (or the general vicinity) is where she wants to be. She has a couple of friends that live there that she has visited and loves the area. In fact she is there now, job hunting for the next couple of days. She hopes to get a decent job and possibly work the ski slopes some during the winter as a ski patroller.

I know this is a long shot...but if anyone here on the forum from around Denver knows of any job opportunities for a smart, creative, hardworking young person, please send me a PM. In the past, it would not be so difficult to land a job but, the prospects for college grads is really tough right any leads or advice about potential jobs would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is not advertising related...she just needs something to get started.