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Thread: Center channel

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    Default Center channel

    Hi guys,
    I wanted to buy a vifa tweeter to use it as a center channel for my audiophile car system. Will it sound great without a woofer cone?

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    Nope, probably won't sound as good. Go with something like a 4" speaker. If your using this for movies, then you'll want the center to handle dialog and music playback well.
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    Center channels only work in true 5.1 systems with a processor that can do it. If you truly want an audiophile system, you're better off with a stereo, 2 channel system.
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    I do have a 5.1 sorround sound signal processor from rockford fosgate, It's the Rfq 5000. I have polk mm6501 up front with an helix 5 channel amp in my 1997 mustang.

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