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    Cool PA660 in 4 channel tri-mode?

    Has anyone tried this yet?

    I'm pretty old and I'm not looking for bass that will knock my remaining teeth out. I just want a little more than I'm getting from the rear 6x9 Rockford Fosgates.

    According to the 660s owners manual (which looks like it was written by an hourly employee at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon of a long weekend), you can bridge a couple of subs off of it using inline capacitors on the speaker positives and inline inductors on the subs positives.

    From what info I could find out there in www land, people who have done tri-mode with two channels use an "L-pad" (or something like that) to control the sub volume.

    Would this give me the bass boost I'm looking for? What size capacitors and inductors would be best? I always heard that anything below 120 hz is omnidirectional so would that be the best size to use? Will I be sacrificing volume on my 4 channels that I couldn't make up in gain? Or should I just bite the bullet and get the PA880, and power and ground distribution blocks?


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    You start to locate sound from about 70 hz up. I would ditch the rear 6x9, bridge two channels from the 660 and run a 12" MM sub. Cut the sub around 60-80hz and keep the gains low. You'll get what you want in terms of bass.

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    I would think the sound stage would collapse if I ran all the mids and highs through a set of Alpine 4x6s in the dash. It's an 88 trans am which have some of the worst accoustical interiors. The 4 channel boost sounds really good, just lacking in lows.

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