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    Default High power for Polk MM6501???


    So I was wondering what is to much power for the polk MM6501s?

    I am running them off of a old school Hifonics Saturn Gen X. 4x100 at 4 ohm.
    At the moment I have them and a set of 5 year old prototype blaupunkt 6x9s in the rear.
    I was thinking about taking out the 6x9s also because it will provide better fill for my sub(12" momo DVC) in the trunk and just running the amp in 2 channels.
    It wouldn't be bridged since the amp has cards in it that actually will turn it into a true 2x200 amp at 4 ohm. I was wondering if that combined with the speakers being 2.7ohm making it with my math more around the 250 watt rms per channel rating. If that would be way to much power for them to handle? Granted I know I would have to turn down the gains a lot.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    PS I did search the forums and most of the posts I saw didn't saying anything about anyone running high power to the MMs.


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    What's your amp's rating at 2 Ohms?
    Is it 2 Ohm stable? (since that's as close to 2.7 as we can get lol)

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    Its 1 ohm stable. Since its a old amp I can't find the exact specs past 4 ohm. I just know when I swap the cards it turns into a true 2 channel amp(not bridged) making it be 2x200 at 4 ohms so guessing 2 ohm would be closer to 400 watts per channel. which is just crazy and I know way to much. But with it being a 2.7 ohm load and from what I read after wiring it basically is 3 ohms. They will be receiving around 300 watts each.
    I'm guessing that is to much???

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    You will be fine. Set your gains low and that will give you lots of headroom with the extra watts.

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