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Thread: Bryston BDP-1

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    Default Bryston BDP-1

    I was talking to a guy I know this morning who works at Bryston (which is located right across the street from where I work). He informed me that he recently bought one of these units. I'm hoping to get together some time soon to audition this piece.

    He also told me a story about one of their amps falling off a fedex truck into the ditch just up the road from where I work and was there for a week!!!! Just my luck that I never walked along there.
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    I've posted about this a few times. stereophile reviews it this month, so it might be worthwhile to find a copy. If I didn't already have the iPod/Wadia combination I would probably get it since I already have the BDA-1 DAC. If I ever start downloading high-res files then this will on the short list for a player.

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