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Honestly dude you might want to give it a week or maybe two. Let those 5x7's break in a little bit and tinker with the audio settings. They may settle in and give you enough grunt down low that youll be happy with it and not have to spend anything extra if youre not wanting to.

+++ If you really don't want to spend time and $$ to set things up, then check if the passive has a tweeter attenuation switch. Else see if you can turn down the mids and highs from your hu. That will give you better balance for now. A couple of weeks down the road, you may find yourself turning up the mids/highs a touch. That said the tweets on the db series are a little bright. But nothing that can't be tamed.

If you're willing to spend some time and $$, I would go with an 8" sub in a small .3-.4 sealed box and a 4 ch amp over a powered bass tube. You'd find the lower end much cleaner with a sub. Plus you'd get more out of your speakers.