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    Default Mixing component cables with HDMI cables?

    Earlier I submitted a 'post' indicating I had audio, but no video, with connecting my AV receiver to my TV Cable Box, TV, and DVD player.

    In connecting the two components to the receiver, I used (two) three wire, three color component cables - as they didn't have HMDI ports - and then connected from the receiver to the TV with an HDMI cable.

    I've since read that "AV receiver doesn't convert between formats, so only outputs of the same format as the input will output the signal"

    Does that mean I cannot use both three wire component cables and HDMI in the same application? That may be my problem with not having video.


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    Default may just have to run componant to the tv and let it do the upconversion.
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    I agree... most AVR's can't take an analog signal and digitize it.

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