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    Default Using speaker selector box

    I have an old Yamaha integrated amp 60 watts/ch that I'll be giving to a has A & B speaker switch. He wants to run 4 ceiling speakers in his Man Room and possibly 4 outdoor speakers. He would not run outdoor and room speakers at the same time.

    I'm not crazy about running so many speakers but it's what he wants to do. Seems to me he could do this with the amp if he connected 2 speaker selector boxes(with impedance protection) to A and other to B on the amp? I doubt he'll ever really push the amp. Is this asking for trouble? Any other way to do this other than a different amp?

    How about something like this?
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    I did something similar years ago--IIRC we used an Adcom speaker box.
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    I use a adcom gfs-3 to run diff. Speakers in three diff. Rooms. Has a protec. Circut and works great! Not pricey either ( 40. 00) used. All metal construction, well made!
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