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Thread: Speaker Wiring

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    Default Speaker Wiring

    I've had Polk Audio speakers in my home for many years and have throughly enjoyed the sounds they produce. Recently 2 speakers in my truck have started to crack so I've decided to upgrade them.

    My truck is a 1999 Dodge Dakota SLT Club Cab. I bought the truck new and it is in pretense condition thus worth the effort of upgrading the sound system.

    I bought a set of DXi6500 speakers which contain a separate speaker, tweeter, and crossover. My truck came with an Infinity component speaker package so no physical modification to the door panels are necessary.


    The DXi6500 package contains a crossover. Crossovers are new to me, not from the terminology but rather how to correctly wire them.

    1. Do they mount in the door or inside the cab? If inside the cab then it appears that I have to cut into the existing sound system wiring harness.

    2. Is a wiring diagram available for downloading to further explain this procedure?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You might have a bigger project than you're thinking. The Infiniti systems are amped (and precisely matched to the speakers). It certainly won't hurt to try something new, but I honestly would not be surprised if you only get 1/2 of the volume you're expecting. Generally you would be looking at rewiring and running a 4-channel amp to power the new system.

    I can't help with a diagram, but yes - the output from the deck would go into the crossover, and from the crossover you will have 2 outputs high and low. So each door will get a crossover, and you just provide a short jumper to the speakers.

    Oh... wrong forum by the way - there is a dedicated car (truck) audio section further down the list.
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