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    Dj Lee

    Question What amp would be good?

    I recently bought a 95 GTI, and would like to upgrade the stereo. I was thinking of putting a MM455 up front and a MM465 in the rear, with 2 MM100 in the trunk for my base. What would you suggest I use for an amp? I was recommended the Xtant amp. Is this a good choice, and will it be enough for the set up.
    Any input appreciated.


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    Default hey man

    hey, i got 2 momo 10's for sale, 260 for both. only used for a weak. had only 125 watts goin to em.

    let me know if you are interested.


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    Polk Customer Service
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    I would recommend using 2 amplifiers to drive all of these speakers. The sub amplifier should have a power rating of 500 to 800 Watts into a 2 Ohm load. You might want to consider a large monoblock amplifier such as the Rockford BD1000a or the MTX 8100D for this application. For the front and rear components, look for either a 4 channel or 2 stereo amplifiers that have a power rating of 100 to 150 Watts per channel and have built in crossovers. Set the high pass and low pass crossover frequency to 80 Hertz and allow 40 hours of playing music at a reasonable level to let the driver's suspension "break-in".
    The woofer enclosure should be .66 cubic feet each and constructed out of 3/4" MDF for the MM100's. We do have a bandpass enclosure design on our website as well. If you have any questions regarding enclosure design for the MM100's, give us a call at 800-377-7655 between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern time and we will be glad to help.

    Kim, Polk Audio

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    Default darn

    darn kim beat me to exactly what i was going to say. I would not recommend using a 5 channel amp for any system that wants lots of power. they aren't able to produce the power a system like that would need. also just having one amp doesn't look as good i've got a hatchback camero with my two amps set like a triangle shape and my cap and crossovers inbetween the amp and it looks really cool with those neon accent lights!

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