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    Matt J

    Unhappy Blowing Fuses! Help!

    Hello, I have 2 12" Polk/MOMOs running off of an Autotek-MX1300 at 2 ohm. It is pushing about 600x2. The problem is recently I just changed it from 4 ohm to 2 ohm and when i changed it to 2 ohm I blew a 40a, 60a, and 80a fuse in my 4awg power wire. Everything was running perfect when I was running at 4 ohm but when it came down to 2 ohm..this fuse popping problem arose. I didnt change any other connections other than running parrallel from series. The 80a fuse took about 2 minutes to melt and the 40a and 60a took about 30 seconds.
    What should/can I do to stop popping fuses left and right?

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    Polk Customer Service
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    The only way to prevent this and use 2 woofers is to wire them in series to achieve a 8 Ohm load. The 2 Ohm load is too low for the amplifiers power supply to handle the high current demand that is placed on the power supply and output stage. Try wiring them in the series configuration and let us know if the fuse "popping" stops. If the amp still blow fuses after the rewiring of the subs, then send it back to the manufacture for service.


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    Default agreed

    I agree with kim on the wiring but what i belive to be a better solution is to go out and shellout the money on a better amp, one that can handle a 2ohm load. you will get alot better sound quality with a 2ohm load than with an 8 ohm

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