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    Default "Warm" amp questions and suggestions...

    I'm interested in learning more about amps and I read that a "warmer" amp is better or prefered. Why is that and which amps are considered best for SQ?

    My current amp is a Carver/Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 400 7.

    My amp is the only amp I've heard with my setup. I've had the pleasure of hearing a Krell amp at someone else's house hooked up to B&W speakers but that was for 2 channel classical music only.

    If some amps sound better with different HT setups than others, my current HT is:

    Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-151FD plasma
    Pioneer Elite SC07 reciever
    Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD bd
    Carver/Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 400 7
    Definitive Technology Mythos ST
    SVS PB12 Ultra sub

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    Have you tried the two different inputs on your sunfire amp. The one should give you a warm sound from what I have read. It is supose to sound like a tube amp.
    AVR: Onkyo Tx-NR808
    Amplifier: Carver A-753x 250 watts x 3
    Fronts: Polk RTI A7 (modded by Trey VR3)
    Center: CSI A4 (modded by Trey VR3)
    Rear: FXI A4
    Sub: Polk DSW Pro 660wi
    TV: LG Infinia 50PX950 3D
    Speaker Cable: AudioQuest Type 8
    IC: AudioQuest Black Mamba II

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