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Thread: US Open

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    Default US Open

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rory McIlroy win this tournament. This young man is very good and I am really glad that he proved all those people that he can win. I was actually getting tired of listening to people say that the course was easy and soft. Hey, it was the same for everyone. Congrats Rory on the win and hope you have many more.
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    Agreed, the kid has talent. Nice to see someone grab the spotlight other than Woods for a change.

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    He's definately a breath of fresh air. I like Jason Day as well. Those two appear to be the future.

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    Woods hasn't played well in over a year and a half now, somebody needs to step up.

    I hope Rory can be the guy and has the mental fortitude to deal with the competition and everything off the course that comes with being a superstar (assuming his play continues to put him in that category).

    I've always been a fan of Woods, not because of Tiger himself (because I don't know him) but because of his play. I'm one of those guys who want to see 'great people' do great things (great people in the sense that they're clearly on another level, not that they're actually a good person), and unless there's something about them individually that really turns me off I'm typically inclined to root for anybody in that position.

    I don't wanna watch something like golf when everybody is just as good as everyone else, I wanna see someone or ones step forward and dominate, and hopefully Rory will be that guy.

    The performance put on by Rory this weekend sorta was amazing, that thing was never in contention. It felt like watching Woods at Pebble a decade ago. The only reason it didn't have quite the same feel for me is that the course here was easier and more so that we've 'seen it before' with Tiger whereas Tiger was really the first my generation had seen of something like that in golf.

    I will still root for Woods because I think there's still potential there, and I'd love for Rory to be right there with him, we need some great continuing 1 on 1 battles and it'd be fun to see them go at it on a regular basis. Phil was supposed to be 'that guy' but just caved every time he had the opportunity to step up.
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