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    Default Beatles remasters on vinyl??? I hope this isn't to good to be true

    Just spoke with a guy the works for Capital Records (production management)here in L.A....

    According to him, the pressings are scheduled to begin within weeks for release in time for Black Friday, 2011. Everything from individual LP's to the box-sets will be available. I asked him whet the comparision would be to the MFSL sets, and he said the mastering will be much better....

    Here's to hoping the guy wasn't full of the typical Hollywood bullsh!t.
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    I have been waiting for those for quite a while. Well more money out of the pocket but if worthwhile I'll try to get some money back selling my CD mono set.

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    "Much better" than the MFSL masters???? Hmmmmm, I think there may be some Hollywood BS there personally.

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    Well...I know what to get my wife for our anniversary and her bday lol....

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