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    Default Need help with settings

    hi, i am new to setting up a ht system and was hoping to get some help my setup consists of a onkyo 808 receiver, monitor 70 fronts,CS2 center,monitor 40 rear's and a polk 505 sub need as much help as possible. totally lost on crossover settings and all other settings to get it to sound good if you need any more info please let me know thnx for the help

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    A lot of what sounds good will depend on what you like. Try starting by running the audessy set up, then set all your speakers to small and the xover point to 80. After that, just experiment a bit.

    You should probably also read through some of the threads on here about subwoofer placement, speaker placement, etc. Much will depend on whether you want the setup optimized for music, movies, or are going for something in between. For example, if you want to optimize for movies, there's a good speaker placement guide in the THX website: . This set up isn't that great for music though, as movies rely on multichannel sound for imaging, and music mostly relies on just two channnels.

    Any who, welcome to club polk, don't be afraid to experiment, and have fun.
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    I second the previous on experimenting. I now have my sub right in the middle of the 2 front speakers, and the center above that maybe 2 ft. off the ground. This setup is difficult unless you can get creative with your TV/screen, but well worth it IMO. Try a bunch of different placements before drilling holes or running speaker wires....
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