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    Default Philips Pronto...

    Does anyone own on of these Philips Pronto remote controls. The one that has really caught my attention is the NG-TSU3000. I've been reading some of the reviews over at Remote Central and responces seem 50/50 so I was just wondering if anyone on the forum owned on. Trust people on the forum more than anywhere else. Thx.
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    Mnatis knows some stuff about the Pronto, he really likes it. I havn't used it but it looks like a solid performer in the remote category. I hope it would end up being the last and only remote I need, if I spent that kind of money.

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    Wonder if I'd be able to program my remote controled AC unit and lighting into it? If so, it'd be nice to have only one remote.

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    Default Remote

    I have the Marantz RC5200, there made with the prontos, they have the same setup, software, and downloads. There awesome high priced but well worth it. This thing controls everything, all my gear, lights, heating and AC, I even got it to open the garage door. It will learn anything. Also you can use bitmaps from your PC to make your own setup menus and screen savers. You can also can write games for it. Mine has a card game, tic tac toe also a calender and cook book full of party food and drinks. With all this the remote is still only 40% full so I can add so much more. This will be my last remote for a long time till something much better comes out which I don't see coming anytime soon.

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