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Thread: Sub Advice

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    Default Sub Advice

    All - looking for some subwoofer advice as I build my system. I'm putting together a home theater/music system for a 15X20 room wiht 8' ceilings. As my mains, I have LSI9's, LSIc Center channel and LSIfx for rears. I'm going to use a yamaha RX-V671 reciever with an Emovita XMA 5 amp. As for sub I'm looking at Polk (keep it in the family) DSW micro 1000, SVS, or Velodyne.

    Any recos on sub beyond that? Any input on those 3 as to what rounds out the LSI9 bottom end? Looking for a good performance/value mix to get some nice deep tight bass.


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    What's your budget?
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    A couple of more names for you to check out: Hsu, Epik, Paradigm, Definitive Technology.
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    I'm trying to get out around $500 or less

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