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    Default HSU VTF-3r endcap separation

    Hey guys,

    I posted this over at the hsu forum but we seem a little more, uh, active and awake over here so perhaps someone can help me out. I ordered an hsu vtf-3r from a guy on ebay who shipped it to me via UPS in its original packaging. The box was trashed by UPS, and the bottom piano black endcap (with the massive woofer in it) came completely detached from the sub . It can place the endcap on the ground, and place the rest on the enclosure back on top and get a pretty tight fit, but it can still be easily pulled apart which leads me to believe that with bass heavy content I am getting vibrations in the cabinet that I would not otherwise get. If I first remove the woofer, then how would I go about re-attaching the endcap?

    Thanks guys!
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    HT Rig:
    Mains, Center Surround - Klipsch KHC - 6 In-Ceiling
    Center - Polk cs400i
    Surrounds - Monoprice in-ceiling
    Sub - SVS PB10-ISD
    Receiver - Pioneer VSX-1018ah-k
    Server - Logitech Squeezebox Duet
    Blu-ray - Sony BDP-S390
    DVR - DirecTV Genie + AM21
    Display - Samsung PN43E450 Plasma

    Two Channel PC Rig (In progress)
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    I think I'd call the guys over at HSU, there great to talk to, and I'm sure if this has happened to you, its happened before. I'd see what they say before trying anything else.

    That stinks.

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    I have emailed back and forth with Pete and he has yet to offer any suggestions. He has been cordial and answered my questions except for that one. At least it still works really well as far as i can tell.

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