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    Default RCA and LFE their a difference?

    Ive read that their is really no difference between the two asking because i want to move my sub and I have some quality rca audio cables that are long enough but my "LFE" cable is very short
    will the rca be just as good or should i buy longer LFE

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    Rca cables are used for connecting a Pre out to a amplifier, If you sub is a powered sub then any rca cable will work fine, and like any other cable, the better quality cable the beter sound.

    A pre amp out is an rca connection, and this is what a sub out connection is on the back of your reciever.

    No need to buy LFE cables, LFE stands for Low Frequency Effect, which is a specific track on a movie. Like when a car explodes, rather than putting that sound on the main speaker tracks they have a LFE track which carries the specific sound that was made for a sub.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thats pretty much what i figured sir....gracias

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    RCA and LFE cables are one in the same. Some use Coax design for the benefits of long run shielding. Some use Twisted pair for this very same reason.

    RCA design cables can be Pairs or Coax design. For Video it's always 75ohm Coax design in RG59sd or RG6. For audio you will see more Twisted pair or Pair design cable. Cable companies have many wild ideas on how to get the job done in the best fashion so a standard is not for audio. When you talk to these companies , they all have strong opinions on what works best.

    For the end user just pick good quality cables designed for the use you intend on using them and for the most part you'll be completely fine. It's only the few who seek the very best quality and reproduction value and spare no expense.
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