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    Default Component vs coaxial, coax is higher grade

    Let's say that one is on a budget. Would it be better to recommend DB6501 over MM651? They're pretty much the same price, and I'm wondering whether it's better to have an MM-series speaker, or a component setup. Thanks in advance.

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    Its like $50-100 more for the mm6501 why not just wait a week or 2 and get it? These are speakers that you will most likely have for years wouldnt it be worth it to get a better set? Also my MM6501 sounded okay with only 75 watts but then i gave them 200 and they are great so hope you have a decent amp.

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    Yes, the MM is a better line of speakers with better materials and design. So a better speaker line's coax will be better than a lower line's component most of the time. Of course there will be an exception or two out there but in this case, the MM's are the better choice.

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