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    Default New Psvane CuTF Caps

    The Psvane Copper Foil Teflon Film (CuTF) capacitors are developed by Psvane Audio who also developed the black bottle Treasure Z-series vacuum tubes and the 2nd generation of Psvane T-series vacuum tubes. Both are considered one of the best current production tubes for improving your audio system performance.

    These Copper foil Teflon file capacitors are professionally manufacturered with Oxygen free copper foil and pure teflon film to achieve the best audio improvements over other type of caps.

    Currently 3 ratings are available - 0.47uF/600V, 0.22uF/600V, 0.1uF/600V. They can be used in application of 450V and 630V circuit design and replacing your existing caps for sound improvement.

    Price starting from $99 a pair with free shipping worldwide from Grant Fidelity.

    I have not yet got my hands on these coupling caps myself as GF just released info on them today, but I plan on buying some and see how they sound. They are not cheap at $199 a pair for the 0.47uF/600V pair, but the V-Cap CuTF 0.47uF/600VDC caps are $279.48 and Duelund copper foil 0.47uf/400VDC caps are $257.04, so it seems like quiet a deal at roughly half the price. These are from the manufacturer of very pricey Treasure/Psvane tubes and I would not expect them to be cheap, but if they're anything like the Treasure/Psvane tubes, they should be fantastic.

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    Excellent review on the Grant Audio Site. Unfortunately I could not find dimensions for these on the site. I have sent an email requesting information. The 0.22uf might just be the ticket for input caps on my newly acquired Dared preamp. Will have to see if these will fit without heroic measures.

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    FYI, Duelund has a cap with copper foil that comes closer in price, the Alexander. No TF though.
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