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    Quote Originally Posted by zingo View Post
    Yup. If no one purchased it, they wouldn't make it.
    Sounds good in theory, but do you have a choice ? Lots of manufacturing going on here to create boat loads of American made products ?

    Consumers want choices, you limit those choices and your steering the market, lets say "manipulating" the market as to who/what/where those dollars are spent.

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    Sir Ken Swauger, would you be so kind as to remove my earlier post from this morning? I quoted the spammer without thinking about it.

    I won't post without having finished my morning coffee again :)

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    How much are people willing to pay for electronics or any goods for that matter?
    Right now, an iPhone 5 retails for what, $600, without a 2 year contract. Imagine if that phone was made here, by labor paid $7.50/ hr.
    What would be the final cost to the consumer, under a no contract scenario? Twice that? Three times?
    Are people willing to pay $15-20 for ONE pair of socks?
    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!

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