Alright people, yesterday I removed my blown RT35i tweeter as I am using it for a science report on Titanium. To my findings, you will never believe how you remove these things. My question now is, how would you put a new one in there? lol.

Well here is the step by step for the ones that will blow their tweeters in the future and be curious as I was.

1) Get your Allen Wrench (hopefully the right size, unlike mine)
2) Take all the Allen screws out of your baffle
3) Remove the Baffle (but be careful, as only 1 inch of space is aloud between the enclosure and the tweeter as the wires are short)
4) Unplug the wires from the tweeter
5) Take a flathead screw driver
6) On the right side (If the woofer hole is near your pelvis area, and the tweeter is facing away from you) there will be a slit area between the inside part of the baffle and the plastic surroundings of the tweeter
7) Jam the flathead screw driver underneat there, and slide it between the baffle and the tweeter surrounding
8) then turn the screw driver upwards (lifting the tweeter up)
9) Within seconds you should hear a loud Pop, and possibly yell "Holy..." and the tweeter should come out...

For all you out there that don't believe me. Ask Ken! :D

Hope this helps all.

Now, How would I put a new Tweeter back in there? Is it a mear 'pop' and play?