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Thread: RIP Dan Peek

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    Default RIP Dan Peek

    "Co-founder of folk rock group America and singer of hits such as A Horse with No Name, Dan Peek has been found dead at his home in Missouri. He was 60 years old."

    Bummer. Their music was sometimes too much "pop" for me, but as a fellow Air Force brat in England way back when, it was easy to like them.

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    R.I.P. Danny boy . He did some great gospel music too. Thanks for the tunes sir.
    Huh? Wot?? Dig it :tongue:

    Where can I get me some??

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    RIP Mr. P.
    Michael ;)
    In the beginning, all knowledge was new!

    NORTH of 60

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    WoW! How sad. I had the pleasure of seeing America perform at the University of Hawaii Amphitheater with Dave Mason back in 82. Great concert.

    RIP, Dan Peek

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