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Thread: Cs2 vs. Cs20

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    Jul 2011

    Default Cs2 vs. Cs20

    I know this has probably been beat to death here, but I would like some input on the cs2 and cs 20. I just got a pair of Monitor 70's and am looking to upgrade my center. Price difference is about 50 bucks, and not a deal breaker. What are the main differences besides slightly different cabinet sizes? Thank you for your help.

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    Onkyo HTRC 180
    Polk Monitor 70 Series 2 Fronts
    Polk CSi A6 Center
    Polk PSW505 Sub Woofer
    Polk Monitor 60 Series 2 Surrounds.
    Harman Kardon HTSK18 Back Ceiling Mounted
    PS3 Xbox

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    The specs are pretty similar, but with the 70's i would get the cs2.

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    Jul 2011


    Thanks, that's what I have decided.

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    I had the CS2 & CS20 at same time and listened to them with my Monitor 70's and actually preferred I sold the CS20.
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    16' x 12' Man Cave
    Onkyo TX-NR1008 9.2 AVR
    Polk Monitor 70's--Mains
    Polk Monitor CS2--Center
    Polk Monitor 30's--L/R Height's & L/R Wide's
    Polk Monitor 30's--L/R Side Surround
    Polk Monitor 30's--L/R Back Surround
    (3)BIC Formula-12--Sub's
    (4)Aura Pro Bass Shakers with Crown XLS 1000 amp
    Emotiva-XPA-3 AMP for L/C/R

    Epson 8100--1080p LCD projector
    120" Elite Screen-- High Contrast Gray
    Sony BDP-CX960--400 disc BLURAY player
    Sony DVP-CX995--400 disc DVD player
    XBOX 360 & PS3

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