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    Default SR124 in ported box

    Has anyone tried out the SR124 in a ported box? I currently have the db1212 which is a ported box and I really like the impact of the kick drum. I would like to upgrade the sub but keep the ported sound.

    Should I even try the SR124 in a ported box or should I try another brand?

    What do you guys think?

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    I'm not that big on ported boxes. The DB1212 is an exception cause its designed and tuned precisely for those subs. Ported boxes are a lot less forgiving of design problems so it could either sound great or like crap.

    Ported boxes appeal to some because they bump the frequency for which their tuned which feels like more impact, well actually it is more impact. But the problem is that its an unnatural hump and can make your subs sound one note'ish. Also the response drops like a rock below the tuned frequency so you can't get that good low end sub bass in the sub 40 Hz range like you could from a sealed box.

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