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    Default Tsi400 vs TRi A7

    I'm having trouble deciding between the Tsi400s and the TRi A7s. I've heard the 400s in person so I know what they sound like. There's a pretty big price difference between the 2. Are the A7's worth the additional cost?

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    In short....yes. The A7's will require alittle more juice to sound their best than the 400's though so take that into consideration.

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    What receiver would you recommend? Right now I have an onkyo 606....runs really hot...wouldn't mind replacing it.

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    I don't see pre-outs for the mains on the Onk, otherwise I would suggest just getting an external amp for them. I would look for a reciever with pre-outs for all channels if possible, and one that had all the features you want for your setup. Pioneer makes some nice stuff, as does Denon, Onkyo and the higher end Yamahas. I have no experience with the RTi's but I can say my mid-level Yami and the Moniotor 50's I had were very bright sounding. RTi's are a bit better in that regards but others still say the pairing with Yamha can be a tad on the bright side.
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    On the Yamaha front, I think someone mentioned recently that the new RX-A series AVRs were not as bright as the RX-V series. Op may want to google a bit on that to verify - otherwise, the new Yamahas look pretty attractive as well. And they tend to include pre-outs at a lower price point.

    I love my Denon, but pre-outs are only included in the 331x models and higher, which start at over $1k. Onkyo and Pioneer tend to include pre-outs at a lower price point as well.
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