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    Default Costco Pioneer Elite SC-35

    For anyone that is thinking about getting the SC-35 from Costco, I just received my first one (ordered 2) and they do not double box for shipping. The box was slightly damaged and the receiver front plate was slightly pushed in on one corner. Seems to work OK but I have not really messed with it that much. Just thought I would put this out there in case someone was thinking about getting one.

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    If there is even the slightess damage on the receiver, you should return it, COSTCO has great return policy so take advantage of it. Congrats on your new receivers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TECHNOKID View Post
    If there is even the slightess damage on the receiver, you should return it, ..
    I agree. This is especially true on complex electrical components, as opposed to speakers or something more robust.

    Everything may work fine at first, but a few weeks or months down the road something could go wrong due to a loose connection that happened during shipping and you're SOL.

    Congrats on the purchase! That's a nice piece!

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    Default really cracked ( 2 ordered ) Good Job, and the way to go. I would see about returning though, just in case as the others said.
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