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    Cool MOMO's/ Amps to match

    I have just recently gotten four MOMO 10's and I am trying to decide on which amplifiers to run. I am looking at the MTX Thunder6500D and the MTX Thunder81000D. I am going to get 2 amplifiers one for each pair. Which pair of amps would you pick to deliver a very clean, but affordable sound?
    I also have two pair of 6.5" components and I am going to use two MTX Thunder6304. I am going to use an Alpine digital crossover with the two amplifiers in order to have an 18db slope. Each channel of the amplifier will be used to run the tweeters and mid totally bypassing the MOMO crossover. Do you think that this will deliver the best sound or should I stick with the MOMO crossover?
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

    Kraig Strange

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    Polk Audio


    I would suggest wiring the subs in a series / parallel configuration to achieve a 4 Ohm load and use the MTX8100D
    to drive them.v I think that this amp will drive them very well and you may not need a second amp to drive the subs. If you plan on using an external crossover and you want to bi-amp your components... then set the crossover point to 4200 Hertz at
    18 dB per octave.
    For a more simplified setup you might want to set the low pass and high pass crosovers to 80 Hertz and use the passive network that comes with the component system. This configuration will probably more musically satisfying.

    Happy Installing!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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