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    Default Fans and leds hooked up to PA amps

    So PA amps have led/fan harness so you could hook up your leds and/or fans directly to these amps and don't have to warry about additional wiring and relays. Great feature!

    Since everything has a limit - does anyone know how many fans and leds can be hooked up to the same PA amp? I'm working with PA500.4 and PA1200.1 and looking to get a few led strips and 3-4 fans

    I'm sure someone will say "it's not about amount of stuff it's about your max current draw" and i would absolutly love to know that current draw as well :)

    btw - did anyone actually hook up fans/leds to PA amps? I've seen a lot of PA amps install pics and not once i remember seeing fans or leds hooked up directly to them....

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    LEDS no, since most polk fans are out of high school
    Fans, depending on your install they might be needed if your amps tend to shut off.

    No clue on voltage, but I know LEDs don't take much just besure if you are making your own LED strand most at 5volt and it might be a 12 volt output so will need some resistors.

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    Just called up Polk. According to the guy I spoke to that harness will only deliver 200mA (0.2Amps) of current which (I need to look into different fan’s current draws before even typing this but) as far as my electrical knowledge goes is close to nothing and will only be enough for leds, not fans.

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    buy a SPST relay and add as many as you want.

    12V to pin 30, ground to pin 85, input from amp to pin 86, output to LEDs and fans to pin 87.

    Should cost less than $10 at rat shack.
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