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    Default Polk db651 or DXi650?

    Hey all,
    Has been a long time since I've posted here. We recently got a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe for my wife. She hates the stock stereo and wants me to do a simple upgrade to the stock speakers and HU. I'd like to put in a real amp, but she doesn't want me to spend the money, time, or make those mods to her new ride.

    So here's what I'm considering:

    Alpine CDA-105 HU
    Alpine KPT-445 Power Pack (just to get some addl power, but could skip it if not worth it)
    Polk db651 - Front and rear door
    Polk DXi650 - Front and rear door
    Kicker KS600 - Front and rear door

    I'm not familiar with the DXi series and having a hard time finding good info on them. Can anyone offer any input on what if any difference there will be in the sound between the DB series and the DXi series? My wife is interested in the Kicker's bc of some of the reviews she read on them.

    One thing I'm trying to be careful about is that she does not like it when speakers have piercing shiny highs, she prefers mid bass and bass tones with blended highs. I realize that getting what she REALLY wants isn't gonna happen without an amp, etc so just trying to do the best I can with a modest upgrade.

    I'm running Polk MOMO MMC570 5x7 coaxials with an Alpine HU and Hifonics 4 ch in my Explorer which I love, and so does she if that helps.

    Any feedback anyone can offer on those speaker options - or other options in the 6.5 inch size that will fit the Santa Fe doors would be appreciated.

    We have about a $400 budget, the Polks fit bc Crutchfield has them buy one set get the second 50% off, and those Kicker's are buy one set get the second set free. And the db651's are on sale for $60 right now making them a steal.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I still don't know what the difference is between db and DXi. Unless someone can tell me otherwise the way i see DXi is nothign but marketing "new/more expensive" product because Polk now made them black and not silver-ish. Again, i'm open to hear someone tell me otherwise, it just never happened yet.

    As for coax speakers front and back - u'll be better off with component in the front and coax in the back.

    I'm sure someone will tell you to not go with rear speakers and go with sub instead. If your wife doesn't mind then yes, it is a better way to go. But space could in an issue. That will also increase your budget. Either way - comps in the front, not coax.

    Never heard those Kickers you mentioned but there's also millions of good reviews all over on Polk DB series. I had them for some time and yes, IMO they are good speakers without piercing highs.

    As for Crutchfield - other places like Ebay will have same exact speakers for a LOT cheaper but ofcourse no Polk's warranty if any.

    and btw i'd still get an amp. It's just soooo much better with it :)

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    I believe the db's are availible ONLY online and not in retail stores. From talking to an installer at Best Buy, the dxi are basically the same thing.

    Personally for 400 you could probably get 2 sets of db6501's (components) and those should be better than just the db651's. But like you stated might require you to be a bit creative in mounting crossovers, ect.

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    I have 4 DXi series speakers and am very happy with their performance. I don't believe there's enough difference between the two to say one sounds better than the other. Get whatever is priced the best.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far guys. If this were my car I'd definitely go the route of a real amp, and some nice comps up front. Since she wants simple and is keeping the budget low it restricts what I can do.

    Based on the specs I could see I suspected little difference existed between the DXi and DB series. I think Best Buy carries the DXi's so going to see if we can go listen to them there and see what she thinks. The DBs are certainly a killer deal on Crutchfield right now, I can get two sets of DB651's for $90.

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    I vote that you go over to and get the MM6501s for 199. They are an authorized retailer too.

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