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    Default Differential signal levels

    Hi, my Head unit puts out a 1v differential line level.

    Do any of the current Polk amps support differential input and high level input??

    If not i may have to run my Polk speakers off another branded amplifier, but i would like to keep it all Polk if i can.

    Does anybody have any experience of differential signals?

    I know a lot of modern OEM headunits use it, as it eliminates noise ect


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    It would probably be better to ask this in the car audio section. At least, I think this is a car audio question....
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    Google is your friend, I don't know if they are still in existence, but some on use to make an adapter to go to a single ended output. I know, I know but wouldn't that defeat the purpose, not as long as you mount it by your amp and have a short run to it.
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    The Polk class D PA D4000.4 will take line level inputs. Check the manual for that amp.

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    I'd spend some money on a good quality line driver in your case.

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