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    Default Sound Delay with Soundbar 3000


    I just bought a soundbar 3000 and hooked it up to my LG TV, and it works fine, although there appears to be a delay between when the source is supposed to be making sound, and when sound actually occurs. I notice this most when scrolling through my xbox 360 menu...if I just scroll through one or two screens, I don't hear anything. After scrolling through several, eventually the sound ramps up, like the volume is increasing. This is also noticeable when beginning to watch a movie, where at first there is no sound, and then it gradually ramps up, like someone is increasing the volume.

    It was actually working fine until I synced the soundbar to my remote control. It controls fine, but after that is when this issue started. I've tried to reset the remote controls, and tried it without some of my wireless devices on, but that doesn't seem to have helped.

    Otherwise, it sounds great. Once something's playing, there's no problem at all.


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    Default this still under warranty? If yes, trying calling the vendor and ask for replacement or cleaning the speakers or checking the cables and wiring might help you.

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