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    Default Monitor 60 Static

    I have a pair of monitor 60s that are a little over a year old hooked up to a Denon 591. Recently one of the 60s started making a crackling noise occasionally. It happens during movies, games or music - played through multiple different sources. It is not a constant crackle but happens every now and then. It seems to happen more often when higher frequency sounds are playing, but occasionally happens during regular scenes/sounds. I tried switching the speaker placement to see if it was the receiver channel out but the problem followed the speaker. Any suggestions?

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    It could be the tweeter. I would swap the tweeters around and see if the problem follows. If it does, the tweeter should still be under warranty and you can call Polk and arrange for a replacement.

    If it doesn't follow, let us know and we can go from there. Pretty easy to swap tweeters, two screws and the wires are connected with faston connectors. Sometimes they are really tight. If you can't get them off the tweeter posts with your fingers you can use a a set of needle nose pliers to gently remove them. A little rocking side to side will help them slide off.

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