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    Default Soundbar 3000 - no sound from dvd

    My son-in-law just moved into a new home and needs 30 ft cable runs from the receiver thru wall/conduit up to the tv and soundbar over fireplace mantle. Couldn't find any 30 foot optical cable so using an RCA cable from the Yamaha RX-671 receiver (red/white connections on audio out) to the soundbar. FM radio from the receiver sounds great. The DVD (PS3) is connected to the receiver via HDMI. Get a picture on the TV but no sound (no sound from the PS3 at all). The TV is not connected to the receiver yet (waiting for cable service to the home next week). Connecting the soundbar directly to the tv (RCA connectors) works just fine also. Any suggestions? thx

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    The reason it plays FM, is because its just stereo. Try a cd in the PS3. You won't get a surround sound formatted audio codec thru RCA on the the best of my knowledge. The SB3K is a big PITA.

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