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    Default DXi6500 and DXi460p - Nice!

    Swapped my speakers in my Silverado for a set of DXi6500 in the front and DXi460 in the rear suicide doors on the extn cab. WOW! Way better than the stock front seps and rear cone.

    FYI, I epoxied the crossovers onto the lower part of the door panel and made a set of quick disconnects for the woofers in the door since the tweets stay on the door panel. Works well and looks stock still.

    Also mated these to a new JVC head unit, but still working on the PAC audio SWI-JACK, can't get it programmed right. :(

    Hopefully I'll be able to add a 4-chan amp and really power these, but the new head unit is doing a pretty good job.

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    Can you post some pics?

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    What pics do you want? I haven't taken any yet.

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