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    Default Carver 1.5T Power Button

    Hey guys I just acquired a Carver 1.5T to power my Lsi9's and it is the first amplifier that I have owned without a power button. What is the safest way to hook it up?

    I currently have it plugged directly into the wall. I attached the speaker cables and rca's from the preamplifier before plugging in the amp.

    It is working great but I want to make sure that I don't do anything really stupid. When I power down should I turn everything off first then unplug the amp?

    Also, turn everything else on first before plugging in the amp when I start up?
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    It powers up when you plug it in? That's strange, at least to me.

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    I use a current sense power plug from Sears to sense when my pre is powered on and It's powers up the amp.

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    What most folks do that have that amplifier do, is just hook it up to a power conditioner/strip that includes an on/off button. Either that or they just keep it on 24/7. Bob was great at many things but when it came to powering things, he was a little strange. Still is to this day, to a point. These were supposed to have been plugged into the back of his pre's. You do not want to do that, it degrades the sound of the overall system.

    Leaving it on 24/7 will not hurt anything but if you go this route, make sure you unplug it during lightning storms. This was the route I took when I had them in the rig.
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    Wonder if Pepster could design you a power cord with a built-in switch somewhere in the line?
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