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    Default LSI7 amp pairing

    I just bought some LSI7's and from what I have read they really benefit from an amp. So amp shopping is the next thing. But first I had some questions maybe some of the "gurus" could chime in and help me understand.

    1. The 7's specs say they are rated for an amp up to 150w/ch, is anything over 150w an overkill for these speakers? Are there pro or cons to higher wattage?
    I see a lot of amps in the 200-300w range. Do I need to stay below 150w

    2. Would an amp really be a significant improvement for this speaker?


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    No, you don't need to stay below the "rated" wattage, but (obviously) you don't turn these things up to deafening volumes, either. LSis are about quality. A 200-300 watt amp would be fine with these.

    Significant improvement over what? I ran a nice integrated amp with a pair of 7s, and the result was wonderful. 100 wpc into 4 ohms...

    What are some of the amps you're considering?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdaudioguy View Post

    What are some of the amps you're considering?
    I'm mainly looking at Emotiva (xpa3 or upa2) or a use parasound like HCA1000/1500

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