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    Default No bass when playing music


    I have been using my HTPC for all my movie and music. I use optical out from my pc to my receiver. When I watch movie everything seems fine and my subwoofer will produce the bass but whenever I play music it turns to 2 channel, I use xbmc to play the music and have set the speaker to 5.1 and I have also used foobar 2000. I set my receiver to Dolby Digital II music still won't work. Anyone here use htpc? What is your setting to get your subwoofer working for music?

    My setup:
    htpc with Diamond xs71ddl soundcard
    Pioneer vsx-819
    Polk M70 front
    Polk CS2 Center
    Polk RC80i surround
    Polk PSw10 Sub


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    I too, use and HTPC for playing music. When i force a Dolby Music DSP mode, my woofer barely gets used. If i force "7-channel Stereo" with my receiver, it gets used quite a bit. I have a Yamaha HTR-6063b (the Canadian version of the RX-V667)

    In your speaker settings, what size are your fronts set to? When i set mine to Large, almost all of my lower frequencies are sent to my fronts (RTI A7's). When the fronts are set to Small, much more of the lower frequencies go to my subwoofer. My Yamaha has an "Extra Bass" feature that send the low freq.s to both front, and subs, when front are set to Large.

    Have you tried Neo 6 Music? Or see if you receiver can send LFE to from AND subwoofer.
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    Uhh.. I assume you've gone over your receiver manual?

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    Does your Pioneer have a sound retriever option that decompresses files stored on a computer?
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    Nge, if you have your main speakers set "large", you should understand that this means that they get all the low bass in the regular channels and the sub would only get the LFE in the .1 channel in movies. Since 2-channel music sources have no LFE in a .1 channel, this gives the sub nothing to do when playing music. The best way to put them to work with music, playing the low bass frequencies they're designed to handle, is to set the mains "small" with an appropriate crossover frequency, such as 80Hz. Then, use DPLII mode so that you can hear the surround ambience mixed into the front channels played from the surrounds, where it's supposed to be.

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