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    Default Fisher FM stereo Multiplexer 12ax7

    I have been tinkering with a 1959 Fisher 600 tube integrated AM/FM receiver for a few weeks. I have replaced all the capacitors and a few tubes, and now the unit is functional. 22 tubes all lit up looks soooooo cool in the dark! As my 7 year old daughter said, "Daddy it looks like Christmas!" I found a FM Stereo Multiplexer Fisher MPX-60 on Ebay that has no tubes, but requires three 12ax7's. My question is, "Will there be any audible difference between a new JJ tubes vs. a vintage NOS Siemens or RCA tube in this application?"

    I know that this multiplexer was designed for a console stereo, and that it was supposed to draw it's power from the console stereo's amplifier power supply, but my intention is to build an external power supply for it using a Dynaco transformer.

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    Attachment 0Here are some naked pics of the Fisher ta-600.
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    Why aren't the pics showing? I tried loading them from my dektop, but nothing shows!

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    I don't think that is a feature that is going to stay around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Smith View Post

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    My early '60s Fisher KM-60 FM tuner has the "WX" multiplexer built in. It uses one 12AX7 and two 12AT7's in this particular multiplex module.

    I've found rolling all 3 of these tubes make noticeable differences, but I had the unit rebuilt/recapped and that made a bigger difference than tube rolling in the mpx section. The single 12AX7 in my mpx section seems to make the biggest difference of the 3.

    I've found the tubes on the output side have a bigger impact on sound quality, specifically the 6DJ8 in V1 and the 12AX7 in V7 (the KM-60 only has 11 tubes so I'm not sure the "V" positions are labelled the sames as yours).

    There are some other vintage Fisher owners here who may be able to chime in with something more specific to your exact model, but I believe most of the circuits from this era are very similar.

    Maybe some of my photos and links will be helpful . . .
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    Wow! Nice tuner insiredsports! Certainly a lot less going on in there than in the 600! The 600 has 22 tubes and two separate tuner sections. I need to find some 7v festoon lamps, or brighter 12v lamps because the ones I put in do not illuminate the face well. Maybe I will do something with white LED's if I can't find the proper lamp.

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Fisher Philharmonic IV P-29 1964.JPG
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Name:	glowing tubes.JPG
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Name:	Fisher Tube Layout.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0291.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0285.jpg
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Name:	Garrard AT-6.JPG
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Name:	IMG_9076.JPG
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ID:	60854Newbie-

    I've got a 1964 Fisher Console w/ the added multiplex board. It contains 3 12AX7 tubes made in West Germany, but Ihaven't pulled tubes to confirm if they are Telefunken's. I've tried to locate someone local to test the tubes to get values, but no luck. The console does work and I am considering parting out the tubes. If you might be interested let me know. I'm considering pulling the whole chassis out of the console and trying to use it w/ some KLH Model Six's I picked up but not sure how easy that would be to do w/ powercord in console not on the chassis itself.

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