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    Default Had the best ever demo today

    I had a nice demo today at a bestbuy of all places

    I got to view the new sharp 3d pj on a SI black diamond with martin logan Theos up front with the decent sub .The center was the motif and the surrounds were motion fx's .The reveiver was a marantz 7005

    I just thought it was really cool to just chill and bring a few cd's and listen to the theo's and have a good listen .I thought the vantages are better than the theos as the theos had way too boomy bass

    My local best buy does not have a cool setup like this one went to today and the staff was great and really new there stuff

    Bestbuy can be a pleasant experiance after all

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    Argyle (Dallas)


    I am a big Marantz fan and also dig Martin Logan. Might have to check out my BB haven't been there in a long time.
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    LSi 15's (Front)
    LSiC (Center)
    LSiFx (Surrounds)
    DUAL SVS 20-39 CS Plus
    (Passive Subs)
    Marantz IS201 I-Pod Dock[/SIZE]
    Panamax M5300EX
    Carada Criterion 106" Brightwhite Screen
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