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    Default using sr5250 crossover on sr6500 driver??


    i somehow lost one of my SR5250 drivers and have a set of sr6500 drivers. my question is, can i use the sr6500 speakers on the 5250 crossover? i know they are different, the tweeter is the same from my understanding. what might happen if i do this. i guess there is a different crossover point? i will be running them in high pass only. i have a subwoofer and running the components with a old soundstream amp which will be in hi pass mode. any input would be great or even better if someone has a sr5250 driver for sale let me know! thanks

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    I don't know the crossover design well enough to comment on any specifics. Contact Polk directly to see if they have raw drivers for sale. I think that even though the speakers are not still available as a component set, I have heard others say that the raw drivers are still available.

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    It'll work fine, probably better. The cutoff for the mids is higher and that's a good thing. I always got better results running my SR 6's up pretty high.
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    Mac, what's "pretty high"?

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    3-5khz. Crossover point will also depend on the tweet you're running. Eg the SR tweet which is a RR has great highend extension but struggles below say 3khz. So if you're running this tweet you would normally xover in the 3-5 range. I swapped the RR for the Scans that have a fs of about 700hz. I now cross my mids(SR6.5) and tweets at 1.6khz.

    If you have a ton of dsp like Mac does you can play around a lot more. But typically a lower xover point will help with imaging while a higher xover point will help with tonality at some loss in focus and clarity of the image. For the level of dsp I have, I find 1.6-2khz as a good compromise between the two.
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