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    Default For those who can't get enough of Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms"....

    Here's yet another version....the SHM-XRCD version

    Add it to your vinyl record, the regular CD, the late 90s European SBM-remastered CD, the HDCD encoded version, the DVD-A, the SACD, the "regular" XRCD, etc....

    As with the "regular" XRCD of "Brothers In Arms", this new SHM-XRCD was commissioned by Hong Kong Universal Music. The disc itself will be pressed in Japan, although I'm not sure whether it will be remastered yet again or simply putting the previous XRCD version on a CD made with SHM.

    Here's the poster from HK Universal Music displayed during the HK High-End Audio Video Show back in August. According to the poster, only 500 discs will be made for each of the SHM-XRCD titles for worldwide distribution.

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    I own it on vinyl and remastered cd, a good cd as is any Dire Straits but ranks last of thier output, but thats just my opinion.I like all the other ones better. I guess original vinyl and remastered cd of this will have to do.

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    Had more than enough of them, when they meant something,,, To me they never did anything after Sultans of swing, Sold out to mtv, and bloated music industry suits,
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    Have this on sacd and listen to it at least once a month.
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