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    Default 2 different subs

    Before I move this heavy sub what would it do to the base if I put 2 different subs in my ht? They are simular in power but different brands. thanks
    My HT set-up Panasonic front proj, 120 in ws screen, ATI amp,Integra 9.8 pre-pro, 2 Polk rti150, cp 1000, 4 fx 1000, Pioneer blu-ray 2 SVS sub pb 12-ultra 2, & Paragon popcorn popper. ps 3 Coaster leather HT recliners.

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    adding 2 subs adds to the difficult setup as it is sometimes, But it can be done.. some people say stack them for best results.. putting them anywhere besides the same corner i think will make it all the more hard to match. what subs? and size and amps do they have? I think if you can use one "great" sub or sell the 2 and get one "Great" sub you are always better off. ease of setup and all that.. But for the sake of your question, It can be done with lots of adjustment and placement. alot of times adding 2 subs (from what ive heard) depending what subs, only adds a few db of output, which is hardly worth the trouble the setup presents.. I may be wrong though.. my mirror memory is going on what ive heard, not experianced personally.:D
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    Hey D,

    I'm one of those keep it simple kinda guys, I wanted to add more bass without spending a lot of money so I brought the same sub I already had. Actually the model number changed from Yamaha
    YST SW 320 to YST SW 315 but the specs are the same. The only difference I see is the build material on the 315 is cheaper. I have a unique set up in that I have a seperate power amp for the front channels a Carver at 250 watts a channel. That frees up the main speaker outs on my receiver. I have one sub connected to the speaker outs, and the other connected to the LFE out. It only plays when I'm watching a movie. Both are rated at 250 watts and go down to 20 Hz. Both generally stay cranked at about half way. No body's working hard, and I have plenty of bass. Don't belive me ask my neighbors. Two subs are not a problem. Oh yea I have them in opposite corners of the room. If it's true what they say about stacking them then I'd probably get put out of my apartment. If You have the space, and can get a deal I say go for it. I have a SPL meter, but I did not use it to set the second sub. I just hooked it up, turned it on, and when a movie comes on it goes .:D
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    Some audio experts say ideally, you should have a subwoofer for each speaker.

    I also have a two-sub setup. Both subs are the same and are 100 watts. I have them positioned on each side of the couch, all of which are against the wall.

    For my setup it's wonderful because when we watch movies, my wife and I sit on each end of the couch, so we have our own personal subs. And when an explosion occurs, the entire couch vibrates accordingly. These subs have really enhanced our viewing pleasure because we feel the bass. Of course we hear it too. The volume on both of them is only set at one-third of their capacity.

    The best part is I only paid $100 each plus shipping. They are Acoustic Research S108PS at www.J& Check out the great reviews on this sub at

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    i have had the two sub set up for about 4yrs and love it
    one is getting its signal from the LFE and the other gets its signal from the L & R main pre outs
    lfe sub crossed over @ 65-70 hz volume just over 1/2
    main sub crossed over @ 120-125 hz volume about 1/2

    lay out is as such

    -LFspkr-------TV Main Sub-------RFspkr
    -LFE SUB

    having the 2 subs crossed over @ different frequencies really brings out all th BASS and low MID BASS
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