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    Default Ohm "L" Speakers

    My Camera isn't working so I have no pictures to post. I picked up these *Ohm "L" speakers yesterday at my local thrift for $4.23. I haven't had time to hook them up yet to see what the status is on them. I do know that both woofers need to be refoamed. My questions are as follows:


    The grills are in good shape, the cabs too. Both the woofers need refoaming, the tweeters look fine. Are these worth the costs to upgrade?

    I haven't listened to Ohm's since the early 80's and I wondering what peoples thoughts are on these speakers?

    Anybody know how these compare to say Polk 5's or 7's?

    Also it says they are 4 ohm impedance, so my next question does this correlate to amplification? if so do they need less or more? I apologize but I do not really understand impedance.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas etc; would be greatly appreciated.
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