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Thread: just curious

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    Default just curious

    Pro amps and such in general, altec lansing 9444b in particular.

    Atlanta cl shows 2 of these for 100 apiece, im not in the market, but

    I read a few articles, one on audiokarma in particular, where some swore the p.a, church public gathering type amps like these are not inferior to same grade home gear.

    I had assumed, mainly by price differences i have seen in ads for crown and such, that they were for volume, not refinement.

    Again, im not looking to buy these, just curious.

    humpty dumpty was pushed

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    There used to be one guy here who loved pro amps. On the other hand, this same person felt that cables did not make any difference.

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    I compared a NAD C272 to a QSC RMX1450. Pretty significant price gap between the two. The system I had at the time were Magnepan MG12's, Monitor Audio RS6's, with a NAD C162 pre-amp and a dedicated NAD CDP that I can't recall the model of. I couldn't tell the difference between the amplifiers to be honest . I sold both amps and haven't tried another pro amp since mainly because my OCD kicks in knowing that I have a product not designed for the way I'm using it.

    Some people swear by it. Majority around here think it's a waste of time.

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    Pro amps in general, are built for volume, and are not as refined as other home audio amps. Look at the sheer volume needed to fill a concert hall. Most just look at wattage and think they are getting something great for home use. There's more to good sound than wattage.

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    I'd hold out for a 1570-b--modded/upgraded of course,,if you can find a pair.
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)

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