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    Default RTI10 vs. Monitor 70

    Will i notice an improvement if i upgrade my monitor 70's to RTI10's? I can get a nice set of RTI10 for $250 and don't know if it's worth it. I only use them for music and have a 218 thx NAD amp, 1600 NAD pre & a NAD cd player. Thanks in advance!

    My only complaint with my monitor 70's are that they are too bright. I don't expect that to change with the rti10's. I assume bass will improve with them??


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    i had both before and yes the RTi10 are a nice upgrade from the M70 and thats $250 nis a great price IMO. go get them NOW!!!!!

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    Thanks for the tip. I nabbed 'em for $230. They do sound "bigger" than the 70's. Sorry about the duplicate thread, didn't realize a bazillion other people already started this exact same one.

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